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Why choose us?

Excellence, innovation and commitment to high ethical standards.


We are  involved in regulatory writing, medical transcription, continuing medical education materials, medical editing and grant proposal, health policy documents and advertisements for pharmaceuticals, devices and other products.


Davesdanlife  is a client-focused and result driven company whose core values are excellence and innovation.      This professional culture is underpinned by diversity in workforce, community participation & sustainable business practices


  • Drug appraisals
  • Healthcare policy documents
  • Poster presentations for medical conferences
  • Medical & Scientific articles
  • Medical Blogs
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Who Are We

DavesdanLife is a freelance medical communications agency based in Manchester whose core activity is provision of medical writing and related services

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Our Mission

Our ambition is to be the preferred platform for leading healthcare, corporate and individual entities to deliver their message about their brands and brand cycles

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What We Do

We deliver clear cross-cultural messages in a global village through a range of services that includes reporting on conferences, presentations( digital & print),journal articles and marketing campaigns

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